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The upcoming Startup Report 2021_2022 targets the entire region (V4 countries) and adds new hot topics such as sustainability or solving the climate crisis!

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How It All Began

In 2017 Daniel Šenkýř (CEO, Keiretsu Forum CEE) lacked information. He needed to understand local startups to help them grow and connect them with the right investors. So he founded the Startup Report initiative. 

Aiming to help it evolve, we decided to map a very specific part of the Czech business environment – the startup scene. We gathered to create a complex study that would reflect the actual Czech startup ecosystem. To collect various opinions, points of view, and (most importantly) hard statistic data. To connect investors, mentors, incubators, accelerators, innovation centers, and corporations altogether with startups, and vice versa. Moreover, to engage freelancers, contractors, traditional entrepreneurs, media, and even the public, so the results of our research could be truly 360° wide. 

After months of intensive work, the Startup Report 2017_2018 came to life, and in May 2020 we brought to you its second edition (2019_2020) - for the first time in English. Today, we work hard on the third, most ambitious edition with a 2021_2022 subtitle.

However, it all wouldn’t be possible without your attention and the support of dozens of partners. All of them are mentioned below with huge gratefulness.


Research areas

"Startup" is a buzzword, but also a solid part of the Czech economy. As everyone speaks about it, it would be cool to make terms clearer. Define what could be called a startup, and what definitely couldn't. We aim to do this by focusing on startups from many angles. Discussing all the differences a specifics (even the marginal ones), we shape ideas and the study itself.

So what can you discover within the Startup Report?


startup and corporate

ecosystem support

startup as an employer



definition of startup

startup life cycle

startup financing options

startup and investor partnership

startup strategies

startup problems

startup portfolio of investors

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Forms of Research

The ambitious goal of the Startup Report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the Czech startup and investor environment. So we had to make it worthy! This is evident in the chosen forms of data acquisition. We organized qualitatively tuned interviews, quantitative questionnaires, and in-depth discussion workshops with dozens or even hundreds of relevant volunteers.

Target Groups

Into our research, we engaged 150 startupists, dozens of investors, mentors, and startup community experts and supporters. Furthermore, we didn’t forget about innovation centers, accelerators, corporations, and traditional entrepreneurs, freelancers, or contractors. Some overviewing questions were answered by more than 300 Czechs from the general population.

Said about Startup Report

We are truly flattered that they like and talk about us...


Jan Kříž

WeAre Summit

"Startup Report 2019_2020 is a distinctive activity that maps the Czech startup market and brings
not only current ecosystem status data but also creates new links and collaborations which is a
secondary, but very valuable effect that deserves our support."


Simona Kijonková

angel investor,

founder of Zasilkovna.cz, Packeta Group, and Robeeto.com

"I consider the Startup Report to be the best comprehensive overview of the Czech startup ecosystem. It compares startups with ordinary business in a way I have seen so far. Also, it is a great format of how to bring startups closer to the general public and to everyone, who is curious about the local startup environment."


Jan Zadák


and mentor

"I believe the innovative environment of startups will play an important role in our journey. Every initiative that moves us closer to them and forward is important and I am happy to support it."


Startup Report 2019_2020

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Are you interested in the Startup Report 2019_2020? Feel free to download it and spent some lovely time reading it! Just before you do so, please, let us know you a bit better. (Why do we need it is described here.) The full report will be sent into your mailbox right then. Enjoy!

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Our Partners Are the Best

Honestly. Without them, it would be hard. Maybe even impossible. 
We are really happy to have them on board! These are the Startup Report 2021_2022 partners, and startup ecosystem superstars:

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The media

Press release on the issue of Startup Report 2019_2020 (May 20, 2020).
Logo Startup Report 2019_2020.

In case you´d like to know more, need some additional information, official quotation or you just want to publish some parts of the Startup Report on your channels - please - let us know: zyklova@keiretsuforum.eu.